Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Need a scenario for TSATF by Friday evening! Please help!

I've volunteered to put on a game of The Sword and the Flame on Friday evening for people that I've never met.  Maybe no one will want to play, but I'm expecting that I'll have 2-4 takers.

Here's the resources to put on the table:
4'x6' Hotz desert terrain mat
12"x12" kishlak (Afghan walled compound, copied from Matakishi's Teahouse )
Some palm trees (NB:  I never saw any palm trees when I was in Afghanistan...)
Some sheep (6-8)
Various Afghan non-combatants (a dozen or so)
68 Pathan warriors with a mix of firearms and cutlery
11 mounted Afghan warriors
Mullah on horse
20 Gurkhas
20 Guides infantry
20 Sikhs
23 British line infantry
22 Gordon Highlanders
Cannon and 4 RA gunners
53 Russian infantry
Cannon and 4 Russian gunners
3 British RE sergeants separated from their unit, accompanied by a bugle-playing bhisti
3 pack mules with full panniers
Queen Victorier (Gawd bless 'er!)
Officer of the 11th Hussars
I'm sure I could find a gentleman or two in civilian clothing

Please take a look at the ingredients above, and let me know how you think I should prepare them.

Thanks in advance!