Sunday, 25 September 2016

Bits and bobs

My output has dropped off significantly since the summer as I'm keeping busy in my role as dad, husband & office worker.  But it hasn't stopped altogether!  Here are a few small pieces that I've managed to get table-ready.

I've been slowly assembling some scatter scenery for my Afghan market street.  Here are some bikes and merchant tables.  

These bicycles are from Eureka Miniatures.  Bikes are pretty popular in Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the world.  Not likely to have many folks actually riding one in a battle, but they're likely to be found in most cities around the world.  Good street furniture for any modern game, not just Afghanistan!

Here are a couple of merchant's tables for the bazaar.  The one on the left is supposed to be baskets of pomegranates, coconuts and mangoes.  Hope that comes across when the players see it.

I liked the Eureka Miniatures mule cart so much that I got another one!  This one has a different driver and also comes with a load of oil barrels (a resin cast of about a dozen or so) which I have yet to paint.  

And just in case you think that I only paint Eureka Miniatures, here are a couple of Pulp Figures: a Rugged Son of the Empire and a mercenario americano.