Sunday, 2 July 2017

Well, that's very Hansom...

I have no particular justification for purchasing and painting this model, except that I wanted it. I had a vague idea of changing the driver into an Indian, so I could put this cab on my NWF gaming table, but that was going to be too much bother for a piece that is basically just eye candy.

So here it is in all its glory, the Hansom cab from Eureka:

Saturday, 1 July 2017

More for Afghanistan and the NWF

I think I've got enough background character models for my Afghan table, but when I see something new on the Eureka website, I just can't resist.  So here are some more mules!  The mule with the fuel jerry cans is pretty much limited to modern settings but the other two can easily be cross-purposed to the 19th Century or earlier.

The set includes the two muleteers in the background: an old bloke and a kid.

But of course I can't just order one thing from Eureka, so i also got the ox cart from the Vietnam line.  After looking at photos of ox carts from India, I decided to add a bit of colour.  Still need to find a driver for the cart, as the lovely Vietnamese lady that comes with the set would be a bit out of place in Kabul.  Maybe with a bit of putty her clothes can be transformed to fit South Asia instead of Vietnam.

The cart comes with a resin model of a load of straw. I decided to paint it separately but then found out that I couldn't fit it on the cart!  It looks like it's levitating.  Maybe it will be used for smuggling...

I also found time to finish up these cheery blokes from Artizan Designs, who look ready to become Kings.  Kings in Kafiristan!  I wonder how they are going to get along?

And of course a District Commissionaire to keep an eye on them as he enjoys a cuppa.

 These casualties and medics have been waiting patiently for quite a while, but I finally have them finished.  

The medic comes with an AK, but since I wanted an unarmed medic I did my best to scrape the gun off of the one on the right.  The unarmed medic is intended to make players question their actions:  can they shoot someone who is just providing medical assistance?  

And of course they have Red Crescent badges on their medic bags!