Sunday, 9 August 2020

What a Tanker

Last weekend, Doug stopped by for a game of Chain of Command on my new table.  However, we spent so much time just talking, that we didn't have time for a full CoC game! As the table was set up, we decided to fit in a quick game of What A Tanker instead.

I took Harry the Valentine tank and Bert, the Churchill III.

Doug took a Panzer IV and a partially painted Panzer III.  One of these days I should look up German tank-naming conventions, so they can get appropriate names like the Allied tanks get!

Here is Bert, climbing a hill as that's what Churchills do!

And here's Harry.

Doug's Panzer III lines up a shot on Harry.

And BOOM!  Harry is down for the count!

 Panzer III decides to ford the creek...

And then play cat and mouse with Bert around the hill.  Bert took quite a few hits, but was able to shake them off thanks to his heavy armour!

 The Pz IV decided to cross the bridge, but it was a tight fit!

Bert and the Pz III in a face to face standoff, neither had enough firepower to knock out the other (also, neither of us could get the run of dice we needed to acquire, aim and shoot when we needed it!).

Eventually the Pz IV was able to come up behind Bert.

Bert maneuvered to face both German tanks, but then finally Pz IV got in a solid hit, and Bert failed all his armour saves.  Thanks Doug for a fun game!

Dangerous Dames 7

 The latest entry from Pulp Figures' Dangerous Dames is the High Priestess set.  I've added the Scarlet Hood from the Weird Villains as (s)he fit in with this group!

Here are the High Priestess, Scarlet Hood and an assistant.

The altar, with fancy cloth.

The defiant male victim, hogtied to keep him from wriggling too much.
And the apprehensive female victim.

Rubicon Pak 38

Here is another anti-tank gun for the Germans.  This is the Pak 38 from Rubicon Models, which I picked up from Imperial Hobbies.  The model comes with 5 crew, and I added one more from an extra Warlord Games figure.

As I painted the Warlord crewman I realised that he might not be a German figure.  But with the same paint scheme, he doesn't stand out.