Sunday, 20 March 2016

Argyll in Aden

Nowruz mubarak and happy first day of Spring!

As I mentioned in my last post, Nic Robson from Eureka Miniatures dropped a free sample into my last order, this Argyll and Sutherland Highlander from the 1967 British action in Aden (aka Yemen), just before that country gained its independence from British rule.   The campaign has been lurking around the edge of my consciousness for a number of years, as it is arguably the last time that a Highland regiment went into action to the sound of its pipes and drums.

The CO of the A&SH, LtCol "Mad Mitch" Mitchell was tasked with retaking a district of Aden City known as The Crater.  The story goes that he formed up the regiment and marched them straight into the Crater with the P&D leading the way.  Mad Mitch had things organized so that when the P&D switched from the regimental march to the regimental charge, the Jocks would break formation and take down any suspicious characters.  The regiment managed to occupy the Crater with no casualties.

I might be interested in getting a full set of these folks if Eureka manages to produce a piper for the command set (which I've hinted to Nic, so let's see...).  This Jock is lucky enough to carry the next best thing, the lovely GPMG!  Getting the dicing on the glengarry at this scale is not much fun.

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