Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Trumpeter Salute 2016

A funny thing happened this weekend.  I'd been waiting for months for the annual Trumpeter Salute wargame convention.  I knew I couldn't attend the whole weekend, so I had determined some time ago that I'd only go for the Saturday morning session.  I got up in the morning, headed out the door to the Bonsor Community Centre, paid my fee and explored the hall.  I visited the vendors, purchased far too many packs from Bob Murch of Pulp Figures (considering that I haven't painted everything that I got from him last year!), had a short chat with Brian and Bruce with whom I used to game in Victoria and looked at the setups for the upcoming games.  These all showed the great care, love and attention that the GMs had put into getting them ready for the convention:

Giant stompy robot game:

Air racing game:
Cameron's WWII in Normandy game:
Age of Reason battle:
MiGs vs Tomcats
Foreign Legion vs Arabs:
Time Travellers trying to escape Tattooine:

Battle of Cannae:
WWI balloon busting:
Formula Dé:
And WWII naval battle:

But after spending a half hour wandering the con, all I really wanted to do on a lovely spring morning was spend time with the people I love most in the whole world.

So I did.

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