Saturday, 8 October 2016

Ooo, shiny!

I've been trying to restrict purchases a bit, at least as far as I am able.  Turns out that isn't very far at all!  I'd been good for a while, but then this week three different orders all arrived.

First in were these ISAF Canadians from a brand new company, Full Battle Rattle Miniatures.  Lovely sculpts, very well proportioned, clean castings.  I assume the equipment is correct (I'm no expert) - I certainly see no flaws.

I preordered these back in July, as soon as the company advertised.

Another pre-ordered item was the latest Osprey wargame book, the Men Who Would be Kings, which arrived today.  Looking forward to reading this weekend!

And finally, as I lost patience waiting for these two pre-orders to arrive, I finally broke down and got some lead for my 1880-ish North West Frontier/Central Asia.  Firstly, I ordered some Copplestone Castings Caucasian Cossacks.  My Russian infantry needs cavalry backup.  I looked for a while to find something that was specifically late nineteenth century, but eventually decided that these post-WWI figures are likely to be indistinguishable from their colleagues of 40-ish years earlier.

I ordered these from Imperial Hobbies in Richmond,BC, after I read that North Star had made a deal to distribute Copplestone Castings.  As I was throwing money around, I decided I also needed some Afghan Regulars, and ordered the Artizan Designs versions.  I'd been desiring these ever since I first saw them, and as I've wanted to replace the Wargames Foundry ones that went missing in a move several years ago.