Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Afghan Regular Infantry (1880-ish) (updated 25-11-2016)

 After getting pounded in their last appearance, it's time for the Pathans to get some support!  Here are the first 10 soldiers from the Afghan Regular Army.  I tried to present the idea of faded coats, yellowed leather equipment, and mismatched trousers and headgear.  They still turned out more brightly-coloured than I intended.

My minimal research on the flag (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_Afghanistan
revealed that Afghanistan had the world's simplest flag from 1880-1901: plain black, no device, just black.

These lads have another 10 mates on the painting table.  I hope they'll be finished in time for the next game!  All are from Artizan Designs (courtesy of North Star Figures).


After reading the comments and looking again at the photos and miniatures, I realised I wasn't satisfied, so I went back and touched them up a bit, mostly by adding a wash to the faces and coats.  Here is the result.  Still not perfect but certainly an improvement!

thanks for the comments, especially Andrei!

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