Friday, 13 January 2017

ISAF Canadians

Back to Kandahar!

When I started this project, my original intention was to only have indigenous forces (ANA/ANP/ANBP and Taliban/insurgents), as I wanted to emphasize that the conflict predated Western intervention and was going to continue after the Westerners left, also to reflect that in overall numbers more fighting (and particularly more dying) is done by ANA and ANP.  In presenting this conflict I wanted to focus on the people who are most heavily impacted by it - the people of Afghanistan.

However, I heard last summer (2016) of a new company, Full Battle Rattle Miniatures, who were planning to produce miniatures of modern Canadian infantry.  For whatever reasons, distinctly Canadian military miniatures are in very short supply.  So as a patriotic Canucklehead, I just had to jump in feet first and order a set, which arrived promptly in late September.

So here is a small Canadian foot patrol, working alongside an ANP member and interacting with local Afghans.  They've been joined by an attached British soldier (a freebie from Eureka from an upcoming range). 

I've tried not to go overboard in my representation of CADPAT.  The uniforms have a basecoat of Vallejo Iraqi Sand, followed by a fairly heavy brown wash and then another drybrush with Iraqi Sand.  I've tried to simulate the greenish Canadian flag patch on the soldiers' right arms and the black and white ISAF IFF patch on the left arms, although these details are a bit hit and miss.