Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Warlord Games WSS Plastic Infantry Review Part II

As promised, here is part two of my review of Warlord Games re-release of the Wargames Factory plastic War of the Spanish Succession Infantry.  First, a few shots of the assembled models.  20 marching musketeers and 4 command figures.

Command figures provide a few choices in how they can be assembled. For this one, my idea is a sergeant with a spontoon and a pistol.  He should really have a halberd, but the spontoon will do for now.

The officer, waiving his sword.  He should probably have a gorget; perhaps later I'll add one from greenstuff.  Or not...

Ensign.  You can see the bow for the officer sash clearly from this shot; the officer has one as well.

A couple of views of the drummer.  When I was clipping the plastic bits off the frame, two of the sword hangers flew off somewhere into the kitchen and have disappeared forever.  As a result, neither the officer nor the drummer have the appropriate hanger.

And finally, a few images of the rank and file.  These were dead simple:  add a head and a hanger.  I chose to have everyone in tricorne as I am a bit biased against have a small number of specials or elites - if I could do an entire unit in mitres, I'd consider that I don't want just a couple of grenadiers.

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