Sunday, 27 May 2018

Grenadiers for Peter the Great's army

As you may have seen from my previous posts, I now have painted enough figures to make three units of dragoons and two of infantry (aka 'shot') for my Pikeman's Lament Russian company.  In order to bring the total to 24 points (which is standard strength for a one-off game), I wanted to add one more unit, so I decided that a 'Forlorn Hope' was needed.  In TPL, a Forlorn Hope is a small group of elite soldiers.  So I decided to get some grenadiers!

I ordered Swedish grenadiers from Ebor, as I wanted the tall cloth mitre cap that is shown in the Osprey MAA 260 Peter the Great's Infantry.  As it turns out, the Swedish figure is not quite right for a Russian grenadier - the thing I really noticed was the fall down collar, where Russian uniforms didn't have collars at all (at least not until 1720).  As it turns out, Ebor has Russian grenadiers in their unit pack, but it didn't occur to me that I could ask for them separately.  I also got 12 grenadiers, when I only need 6 for a Forlorn Hope.  

Anyway, these arrived in the mail on Thursday, and I had a mad painting spree over the weekend!  The uniform is supposed to be that of Prince Repnin's Grenadiers. I decided that due to their elite status, red coats would be a nice distinction from the green coats of the dragoons and the shot.

They are on a mix of single and double bases.  I can field one or two Forlorn Hopes, or combine them all as a single unit of Veteran Shot.  Either way, they certainly look like they mean business!

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