Sunday, 5 February 2023

German Halftracks

 I had great fun using Universal Carriers to support my Canadians in a couple of my Op Husky games, so I'm certain that the Germans could benefit from getting their own iconic halftracks.

Wargamers seem to love complicated names for these vehicles.  There seems to be a requirement to know complicated terms like Sd.Kfz 251/1 or 250 or whatever, and to keep up with whether something is a 251/1 or a 251/10.  For me, I'll focus on them being halftracks (or possibly Sch├╝tzenpanzerwagen if I absolutely a German name).

These two halftracks are from Die Waffenkamer (aka JTFM) in German Grey for 1940, and from Warlord Games in dunkelgelb for Sicily in 1943.

For both vehicles, the passengers may be removed, in case I need to show that the squad has dismounted.  I couldn't get a good photo, but each vehicle also has a driver hidden inside.

So here they are, ready to dash around the tabletop battelfield!


  1. They turned out well Will! As my focus will be 1940/41, I expect much Panzer Grey to be the norm!

  2. Thanks, Terry! Panzer Grey gives you lots of options: you can invade Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Yugoslavia, USSR... :)