Saturday, 26 December 2015

ANP Pickup

I picked up a die cast pickup truck for the ANP.  I like the way the paint job turned out, but I keep seeing things that are wrong with it, like that it is a Chevy Silverado and it should be a Ford Ranger and that it should have a roll bar and grill guard.

Of course is it (probably) 1:43 so somewhat out of scale with the figures, but on the tabletop it doesn't look too bad.  Really stands out in the photo, though!

If I can find a suitable DShK, I'll mount it on the truck sometime - certainly saw a few of those driving around (although at the time I didn't know enough to call them DShK or dushka, just "WTF is that cannon doing on that pickup!?").

Standing next to the truck is the latest figure, could be Taliban, might just be an armed civilian.

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