Saturday, 15 April 2017

Preparing for gaming Jhamjar

As described in my previous post, I'm getting ready to attempt TFL's Chain of Command using my British Empire in the Great War armies to represent an interwar conflict between the British Raj and the Princely State of Jhamjar.  I've counted up the forces available and come up with the following numbers.

British soldiers in sun helmets (pith helmets):  16 riflemen, 1 Lewis gunner, 4 officers
ANZACs:  23 riflemen in slouch hat, 14 riflemen in peaked cap with improvised Havelock style neck covers (37 total riflemen), 1 Lewis gunner, 3 officers, plus 12 mounted riflemen (including officer)
Gurkhas: 33 riflemen
Sikhs:  21 riflemen, 2 officers, 1 medic, 1 Vickers MMG and crew
Mussulmen: 27 riflemen, 1 Vickers MMG and crew (Copplestone Castings, painted in Khaki uniforms) plus an additional 16 riflemen and 1 fieldgun (Battle Honours, painted in brown uniforms)
Indian Lancers:  21 mounted lancers and 1 officer
King's African Rifles:  34 riflemen, 1 standard bearer, 2 Lewis gunners, 3 officers
And 1 Vickers Medium Mk II tank.

Now for CoC, I need two platoon-sized forces.  A platoon is theoretically around 36-40 men, although in reality it would never have its full paper strength. But I don't want to cut things back too far, so I'd like to get at least 80% strength.  This means that some of the forces don't cut it as is.  In fact, and somewhat surprisingly, pretty much only the KAR can field a full strength platoon.  An even greater surprise is that only the KAR have the two Lewis guns that an interwar platoon is supposed to have on strength!

So, looking at the numbers, I figure the Djelli of Jhamjar will have a composite platoon made up of half Mussulmen and half Sikhs.  Support options will include a medic and a Vickers MMG.  

I might choose different opposition than British riflemen, though.  Possibilities include:
1. King's African Rifles, as they can field a full-strength platoon.  Need to work on the backstory as to why the KAR are deployed to suppress a rebellion in NW India, though!
2. OckerForce, made up of a mob of displaced Ozzies who are somehow still wandering around India years after the end of the Great War.  Alternatively, just make a platoon of half sun helmets and half slouch hats, as slouch hats were popular enough in the British Army.  ANZACs didn't invent the bloody things, no matter what they'd have you believe!
3. Gurkhas.  Somewhat lacking in support options, as they only have rifles and kukris!

I'll probably go with option 2, but will keep the KAR option if I ever make this into a campaign.  The cavalry and tank will stay off the table for now but could enter into future games.

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