Saturday, 27 March 2021

Olive Grove

 Terrain is crucial for any game, but I find that I am always neglecting terrain in favour of figures or vehicles.  So to work a bit on this deficiency, I've added a small olive grove to my collection.

I was inspired by Pat Smith's Setting the Scene:  Volume II – Creating a Wargames Layout for the MediterraneanGreat book, highly recommended.

I started with some old CDs, added some air-dry clay, sand and ballast for texture and some tree armatures from Woodland Scenics.  I experimented a bit - I put four trees on the first base, which looked too crowded.  The one with only two trees looked a bit sparse, so I put three trees on the remaining bases.  Once I added the foliage, though, the bases were pretty full, so two trees per base is probably right.

All five bases:

The two-tree base:

The four-tree base:

Three-tree base:

PIAT team using the trees for cover:


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