Saturday, 30 November 2013


Can't have a Russian army without Cossacks!  My horde consists of three sotnias, representing Eureka Miniatures, Perry Miniatures and Wargames Foundry.  Cossacks played more of a psychological role in the Russian army than a battefield one.  Their main strength was to raid all over the countryside and put the fear of God into the enemy, including soldier and civilian alike.  They apparently had no business being on a battlefield, unless the battle was over and there were some corpses to rob.

Here is the Eureka sotnia.  I did some research and found that the cossacks had a uniform in this period.  After painting them up, it was pointed out to me, very politely, that the uniform was more of a theoretical ideal than actually achieved, so these must be a special group assembled to put on a good show for the Tsar.

Having taken the advice on the Eureka sotnia to heart, I was determined that the other sotnias would be more rough and ready.  Unfortunately, the Wargames Foundry lot are all in the same pose, and their clothes are cut identically.  I decided to see how much could be done by mixing and matching colours for jackets and trousers and caps.  Shabraques are all similar to give them a hint of being from the same group.

And finally we have the new(ish) releases from Perry Miniatures.  These are all in winter clothing, and are ready to take to the (snowy) field to chase down the remnants of the Grand Armée during the great retreat.  Lovely figures, very dynamic and fun to paint.

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