Saturday, 30 November 2013

Russian Heavy & Medium Cavalry

I've completed a unit of 12 cuirassiers, the Military Order Cuirassiers.  I decided not to try to get their badge on the shabraque.  I chose the Military Order mostly 'cause the name seemed cool, as well as for the black facings.  After finishing the unit, I realised that the Russians gathered all the cuirassiers into their own division, so in order to justify having one unit on the table, I'd really need a whole division's worth, or at least a brigade.  Anyway, I still like the look and they were fun to paint.  Figures are Perry Miniatures, and the flag is by GMB.

Here's the trumpeter - I still haven't figured out how to paint a white horse to my satisfaction, so my musicians are less likely to ride distinctive coloured mounts.

My single unit of dragoons represents the Tchernigov Dragoons.  They are also Perry Miniatures, and also GMB flags.  I like these Perry single castings for horse and rider - nice not to have to struggle with fitting the rider onto the horse and not have a gap.  Plus I really like the charging pose, with the pallasch held point forward - I think it looks intimidating.