Tuesday, 21 June 2016


I'm trying to complete my Afghanistan project, but I also have the attention span of a magpie.  I can't resist Pulp Figures, for starters.

This is the Palinquin of the Sinister Dr Koo.  I have no particular purpose in mind for this model, but it's still a fun model to put together.

I got this fellow from Eureka Miniatures a few years ago, finally got some paint on him.  He's from the Pax Limpopo range and is supposed to be a 'civilized' zulu king, but to me he could only be Baron Samedi!

The Istanbul Constabulary from Pulp Figures.  Great for an RPG-type pulp game, exactly like the games that I'm currently not playing.

And finally some RN sailors.  I decided that they should be in blues rather than whites.  Curiously, I couldn't find any examples of an RN officer with a closed collar like that:  all the pictures that google provided had the officer in a tie or with an open collar.  

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