Friday, 24 June 2016

Shops and craters

As I mentioned in a blog post a few weeks ago, I need more terrain for Afghanistan.  So I went back to the source (aka Matakishi's Tea House) for inspiration!  The result is that I decided to make a few buildings, which will eventually become shops for my little village.  (Trade goods will be coming some time this summer!  Doors, too)

Instead of using foam core as I did for the compounds, this time I picked up cork tiles, and I am sold! Cork tiles are easy to work with, and are already have some built-in texture. The tiles are very easy to cut (unlike foam core) and are easily assembled with white glue.

Comparison shot with one of the compounds and the shipping container.  Hmm, that container is pretty damn big compared to the compound wall.  

Say, compared to this:

But I'll make do with what I have!

I've also made some post-detonation IED markers.  I am very impressed with these markers that I saw on a Lead Adventure Forum post about Zangali (an imagi-nation).  My markers are much simpler and more in line with my rather limited modelling skills!  These are dead easy to make, I squished a few aluminium pie plates (very small ones, butter tart sized), glued them to a base and then added a bit of texture (sand and railway ballast) and paint.

And that's all for now!

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