Tuesday, 28 June 2016


I have a problem.  I know I have it, and I still keep doing it.  When placing a mail order, I can't order just one item.  And here is evidence!

I decided I needed a vehicle from Company B for my Afghanistan project.  I went through their catalogue and selected the model I wanted.  I had previously done comparison shopping by looking at other companies on the interwebs to determine that Company B was my vendor of choice. They had what I wanted at the price I was willing to pay.  But I couldn't get just one thing; I convinced myself that I needed more in the order to 'make it worthwhile'.  

Some vendors understand me and play along.  Pulp Figures is a particular offender:  Bob Murch pushes lead like a meth dealer:  "hey, man, if you get 5 packs, I'll throw in the 6th for free, man.  Joo know man, make it 8 packs, I throw in free shipping.  You can't lose."  That's right, you can't lose.  You can't lose nothing but your money, that you're supposed to spend on the kids' shoes, or food for the table.  

But I digress.  As my 'extra' from Company B, I decided to get this lovely heffalump.  It's a one-piece resin cast with a metal mahout.  All it took was a few layers of drybrushing and I've got a nice addition to my 1880's Indian Army.  Jumbo and friend may be part of the baggage train, or they might be in the artillery.  I'll find out in the next game.

Of course, and for reasons I don't really understand, I went with the common convention (aka mistaken idea with little or no basis in reality, see this discussion for more on these) that states that elephants are all grey.  Even though I have first hand knowledge otherwise.  I didn't even need to give the mahout a white breechclout, for goodness' sake!

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