Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Svenn Olsen, backwoodsman, plus other denizens of the Yukon

Not the most original name, I agree.  Svenn wasn't originally going to be Norwegian, but as I attempted to give him a Stewart tartan scarf, something happened and he ended up with a Norwegian flag pattern.  As it was clearly meant to be, I decided to go with it, and here is Svenn!

Svenn has been in the North for a long time.  Not a garrulous man, he values solitude and resents those who intrude on him.  If you can get past his rough exterior, though, you'll find his heart is in the right place.


Beardie MacBeadface and Svenn need some leg hold traps for their fur trapping:

I've been finding inspiration for my painting by reliving my long-lost Canadian youth vicariously through The Forest Rangers on YouTube!  Kids living without adult supervision in an old fort!  Magic Indian First Nations friend!  Mountie mentor! It's all there!

These rugged sons of the Empire can also be found making their way in the Yukon.

And to get around the Yukon, a rugged bush pilot:

This last one is not a Pulp Figure, he's just one of my favourite gold miners, mostly due to his uncanny resemblance to Lee Marvin's character in Paint Your Wagon