Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Taliban cavalry take two (now with actual horses!)

After my previous post about Taliban motorbikes (where I jokingly referred to the motorized Taliban as cavalry), I reflected a bit about tales of Afghan mujihadeen fighting the Soviets from horseback, and how US Special Forces rode horses alongside the Northern Alliance in 2001, and in particular how Hollywood grabbed on to the idea of Afghan horsemen charging pellmell against Soviet fortifications.  Horses and mules as transport make sense where insurgents need to keep off the roads, and in particular need to get through mountain passes.  Now obviously no one would ride a horse into a battle in the modern world (the very few exceptions in the First and Second World Wars showed what a stupid thing that is to do).  But of course Hollywood cares more about show than than practicality, and we gamers follow suit!

In particular, 1980s Hollywood gave us Rambo III and The Living Daylights (Timothy Dalton James Bond), both featuring fearless Afghan mujihadeen fighting on horseback.  I'm not much of a Youtuber but I found these clips.  

This first one takes a few minutes before the mujihadeen rescue Rambo and the Colonel.

And in this one, James Bond rescues the mujihadeen!

So, where was I?  I had a couple of heavily armed Empress Miniatures motorcycle passengers. I'd originally thought they'd look good sitting in the back of a Toyota truck (like these blokes)

So finally I decided that if there aren't any 28mm miniatures of mujihadeen cavalry (or Taliban on horses for that matter), I'd make my own.  I went to the lead mountain, and dispossessed a couple of Perry Miniatures Indian Lancers of their mounts, and here is the result.

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