Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Afghan Regulars, this time in brown!

One more unit of Afghan regular infantry, bringing the total to four units of 12 infantry. That's about enough to field a significant field force, once I add in the artillery!  May need just a little top up from some tribal cavalry and they'll be ready to see off those who dare invade their land, whether British, Russian or Persian!  OK, not Persian, I'm not heading down that path....

Instead of red coats, my first idea was to paint them with black tunics and white facings, as described in the Ian Heath article, "A Most Villainous Cavalcade", specifically the text caption for image 4, Infantryman 1878.  I certainly had (and continue to have) zero interest in the white/blue striped uniforms!  Finally, however I settled on the brown tunics with red facings of the Ardali infantry (ref text for image 5, Highland Guard in the above referenced article).

So here they are.  Figures are from Perry Miniatures' Victoria's Little Wars line.

The flag is a bit of a flight of fancy.  I was tired of the plain black flag that Wikipedia indicates was in use (if in fact Afghanistan had formally adopted any flag at all), so I fabricated a flag based on the Durrani flag but with a rather dodgy, hand-painted attempt at the mosque that would be included in the Afghan national emblem around 1901.

Here is a possible attempt at a march column with a handful of skirmishers leading the way.  Maybe I should do a series of posts showing the current state of each of my armies for Afghanistan, British India and the Russian Empire.  Let me know in the comments below if you'd like to see something like that!

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