Tuesday, 29 January 2019

What a Tanker dashboards

At the last Trumpeter meeting at Bonsor, I tried out What A Tanker, the latest bit of fun from Too Fat Lardies, thanks Craig for hosting!  The game is great fun, fast playing with lots of decisions for the player to try.  When I got home, I logged on the interwebs and bought a copy of the PDF (and was fortunate to find that the Lardies were having a sale!).

One thing that Craig had commented on was a slight dissatisfaction with the dashboards.  Using tokens on the boards can be a bit risky as if the board is bumped, the pieces can slide around, leaving questions of where each marker was before the bump.  My idea (we'll playtest this upcoming Friday) was to cut out a couple of sheets of cork board and use push pins to keep things in place.

I suspect a new dashboard will be needed for each game as they will get repeatedly punctured over the course of a game, but they'd likely need to be replaced anyway if (for example) it becomes necessary to record damage. 

PS - I didn't mean to print out WAT twice! The PDF crashed the printer first time, so I only have one full copy, plus the first attempted print that only printed about half the pages!

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