Sunday, 29 September 2019

Ack! Ack!!

No, not these guys:  

Ack ack was a term used in World War II for anti-aircraft weaponry.  When I placed a recent order with Rubicon Models for a GAZ AAA truck to support my WWII Russians, I noticed that they have a quad Maxim gun ack ack mount to fit in the back of the truck.  The pewter models of the quad mount and the two soldiers to man it end up weighing more than the plastic GAZ truck, but overall I'm very pleased with the result.  The figures are cleanly cast, minimal cleanup needed, and are very nicely (i.e., realistically) proportioned.

I find that Rubicon's plastic figures have pretty undefined features, so I substituted a metal head on to the driver's body.  Unfortunately, that made him a little too tall and I couldn't fit the roof over him!  It took a bit of persuasion and a partial lobotomy to get him to fit!  Lesson for next time:  test fit all pieces in place before gluing :^)


  1. I do like your openness to the trial and tribulations of the Modeler. :)

  2. Thanks, Doug, I'm eager to see if I got the centre of balance right, or if the driver's gonna be able to pop some wheelies with that big gun in the back!