Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Prep for BA in Jhamjar (revised)

Updated 2019-09-11 based on input from Jim F

As I mentioned recently, I've decided to give Warlord Games' Bolt Action a try.  My first game is coming up this weekend - it will take place in my imaginary Indian Princely State of Jhamjar.  In preparation for the game, I've come up with a couple of army lists.

As I anticipate the action moving a bit faster than Chain of Command, I've decided to expand the forces beyond the basic platoons that I used in CoC scenarios.  I'll find out on Saturday whether that is a mistake!  As there is no Warlord Games 'Armies of Jhamjar' book (at least not yet!), these lists are a bit improvised.  I assume they won't be too far off, as the troop profiles in BA seem pretty straightforward.  I've started with the lists in the BA 2nd Edition Rulebook, supplemented with more lists from Armies of the Soviet Union.

Before I go further, I have a bit of a gripe.  I get the 'Codex' approach, with a separate book for each army.  It makes good business sense for Warlord Games, and allows them to expand on each army with more detail than they could fit into the main rulebook.  My gripe is that the Soviet Union book mentions lend-lease equipment, and then tells me I can just substitute from the appropriate army list.  Meaning that to field my Valentine tanks, I need to find a copy of 'Armies of Great Britain'.  They've also got a series of 'Theatre Books', but I'm not yet tempted by those.  They seem to be potted histories backed up with simple wargame scenarios.  Maybe a handful of new equipment lists and/or special rules, but nothing that tempts me to add them to my collection.

For this weekend's game, I've got two army lists prepared.  All troops on both sides will be rated 'Regular' to keep it simple, so the basic cost will be 10 points for a rifleman.

The Princely State of Jhamjar

The Jhamjar Rifles:

Subedar PBJ Singh Widj (Regular Lt.):  75 pts
2 Riflemen  20 pts
Medic (regular) 25 pts

10 sepoy rifle section (Sikh):  100 pts
10 sepoy rifle section (Sikh):  100 pts
10 sepoy rifle section (Muslim, tank hunter):  120 pts
10 sepoy rifle section (Muslim, tank hunter):  120 pts
(Aside - since Ockerforce is getting some armour, I decided the JR needed anti-tank capability.  The only grenadiers I have are Muslims, so that's why they get the special ability).

Vickers MG, 3 crew:  50 pts

The Jhamjar Lancers:
Risaldar Mahrm el Madhi (Regular 2nd Lt):  50 pts
7 sowar Lancers (cavalry, tough fighters, plus 1 Hotchkiss LMG):  111 pts
7 sowar Lancers (cavalry, tough fighters, plus 1 Hotchkiss LMG):  111 pts
7 sowar Lancers (cavalry, tough fighters):  91 pts

Mountain gun and crew:  50 pts

Total (if my math skills are correct):  1023 points


Lt F.Ocker (Regular Lt):  75 pts
Rifleman:  10 pts
Medic:  25 pts

Sniper (regular):  50 pts

10 ANZAC rifles plus Lewis Gun (LMG):  120 pts
10 ANZAC riflemen:  100 pts
10 British rifles plus Lewis Gun (LMG):  120 pts
10 British riflemen:  100 pts

Rolls Royce Armoured Car 65 pts 70 pts
- Turreted MMG with 360-degree arc
- DV 7+
- Recce, Flak (not that there's any air power in this weekend's game!)
(based on BA-64 AC)

Vickers Medium Mk II* light tank 105 pts
- Turret-mounted light AT gun with co-axial MMG
- DV 7+
Medium Mark A Whippet  135 pts
- 4 Hotchkiss LMG (one on each side of the tank) 
- DV7+
- Special:  Slow; may only fire one LMG if moves

I substituted the Whippet as this conflict set in 1919; the Vickers Medium wasn't available until 1923 at the earliest.  It's faster than the famous rhomboid Mk I through V tanks, but it's top speed of 8 mph was still only half that of the Churchill, which is also rated slow for BA.  I don't think any Whippets were every actually sent to India, but I'm going to pretend that this was one of the 4 Whippets sold to Japan, being intercepted and pressed into service.

Junior officer 50 pts
10 Gurkha rifles (regulars, tough fighters):  110 pts
10 Gurkha rifles (regulars, tough fighters):  110 pts

Total:  1040 points 1075 points

So hopefully these two forces are close enough in fighting value to make a good game.  Now to choose a good scenario!

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  1. Sounds like fun! Looking forward to the After Action Report!