Saturday, 15 May 2021

Telephone poles

These telephones were a very easy little side project.  They come straight from Pat Smith's Setting the Scene Vol II, which I've referenced before.  The poles are made from dowel cut to 4" lengths, hot glued to some washers from my big box o' basing stuff.  Sand and gravel added to the base.  Cross bars are match sticks.  I first tried gluing the cross bars with white glue, but the bond was poor so I used the hot glue gun instead. This leaves a bit of a blob at the joint, but it is stronger.

My original plan for the insulators was to chop up the inside of a ballpoint pen, but that ended up looking a bit rubbish, so I picked up some styrene rods and cut them to lengths of a few millimetres.  

So here they are!

I ended up making 21 of these poles.  That was a bit overkill!  I set them out on my new Sicily terrain board, and figured that half a dozen would have been plenty.  Anyway, it means I've got plenty of extras if I want to make a power plant or something.

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