Wednesday, 27 January 2016

More insurgents

Huzzah, an update!  I waited until the kids were in bed, then created a small diorama with my current figures and terrain.  Look for the giant goldfish in the background of some of the shots!

Here are some insurgents.  These are again Eureka, but with heads swapped from Old Glory Pathans because turbans.  The one on the left with the RPK is original, the two on the right have head swaps.

A couple more insurgents join the action.

Insurgents now get some heavier support, including a dushka and a mortar.  Mercedes truck in the background is a 1:50 Siku model.  Unfortunately, I've decided that it's too big to fit with the rest of the collection. 8^(

The livestock so far (more on the way!).  I hope that's not an atrocity happening in the background...

Some shots of vehicles.  The blue truck is a Rubicon Models Opel Blitz, that I picked up as an impulse purchase from my local wargaming shop.  It's a sweet little plastic model, easily assembled, much less hassle to build than the resin truck (the red one).  I'm undecided if it will remain part of the Afghanistan scenery:  there aren't too many 1930's era trucks still running anywhere, let alone A'stan!  However, I enjoyed building it.

Comparison shots of the 1:56 wargaming trucks with the 1:43 Mercedes die cast.  The taxi will be ejected from my Afghanistan collection - it's simply too big.  

However, following a lead from Carlos at Lead Adventure Forum, I've procured a car from the Pixar/Disney Cars collection, which looks like a better fit.  (the tractor trailer rig is also from Cars, but belongs to Erik so it's off limits for me!)

And finally, a couple of street scenes. A peaceful day in southern Afghanistan!

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