Sunday, 17 January 2016


Here's my attempt at the ubiquitous Afghan taxi.  I'm not satisfied with the result but not sure how to get a better base vehicle to paint.  I really just slapped the paint on to see how it looked - while there are plenty of paint splashes on the wheels and windows, I'm more concerned about the scale of the vehicle compared to the miniatures.

Afghan taxis are probably the most commonly found vehicles on the road, all with slight variations on yellow and white paint.  Yellow with white doors is fairly common, but there are many paint schemes to be found.  Almost every taxi is a Toyota Corona (not quite a Corolla, but pretty similar).

Models of modern, ordinary street vehicles are not that easy to come by.  For starters, there's almost nothing in any size close enough to gaming scale.  The model I found had the right price (under $10 Canadian) but is a 1:43 scale Mercedes wagon.  I've no big issues with passing off a Mercedes as a beat up old Toyota (maybe the owner got lucky) but the scale is out of whack with the figures.  It looks more like a Hummer than a street vehicle - at this scale the figures can barely see over the hood, let alone the roof.

I've got the same issue with the ANP pickup truck from my post a few weeks ago.  However, for now this is what I'se got.