Sunday, 13 October 2019

2 Section - Cor! Just like Errol Flynn!

In "And No Birds Sang", Farley Mowat tells the story of the Hasty P's 'first and last bayonet charge in a war in which the bayonet was an almost total anachronism.'  In their very first action, moments after landing on Sicily (on the wrong beach, btw), Mowat was given an order to take a house from which enemy fire had been coming.  After fixing bayonets and ordering a charge, Mowat discovered why his platoon had escaped being slaughtered:  the buildings had just before been assaulted from the rear by Royal Marine Commandos.  As the Hasty P's sorted themselves out, the Commandos mocked them: "Cor, you chaps did look loverly!  Just like the Light Brigade.  Never seen nothin' like it 'cept in that flick with Errol Flynn!"

For 2 Section, I decided that it would be fun to have a section with fixed bayonets, even though they barely saw any use at all.  But bayonets are an option with the Perry Desert Rats, so I enjoyed myself fitting tiny bayonets onto these figures.  So here in all their glory is 2 Section, ready to take the fight to Jerry!

The rifle group, led by the corporal with the Tommy gun.

Two red dots on the rear of the bases for 2 Section!

The Bren group, led by the lance jack.

The full mob:

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