Thursday, 31 October 2019

Quick and dirty barbed wire obstacles

Here is the result of a quick and easy terrain project.  Given a chance, soldiers will enhance their defensive positions any way they can, and installing barbed wire is a fast and easy way to slow an attacker.  These four little emplacements are each 2" x 6", and can be easily dropped onto the game table.  The base is cork board, which unfortunately warped a bit when painted, along with toothpicks for posts and what I believe is called 'sealing wire' by industry users, except that I paid far more than its worth because it was repackaged as 'battlefield razorwire' for 28mm gaming. 

I'll take another go at these over the weekend to see if I can reduce the warping.


  1. Too bad about the warping - otherwise they look perfect! I've made similar with 1/8" MDF - less warping - but requires access to power tools to cut..

  2. Thanks, Tim. I though the cork board would be ok, as I've used it to make other terrain (buildings and hills) without warping. Live and learn!