Saturday, 17 July 2021

Dice tower (Updated 21-08-03)

Update 2021-08-03  at bottom of post

Last week's game on the patio saw a few errant dice rolls, where, despite careful rolling into a handy tray, a few dice bounced off the table and nearly disappeared under the fence.

Since I had some sheets of foamboard lying around (thanks, Doug!) I did a quick search online for a dice tower pattern and found this one.

After a small amount of cutting and gluing (and a careless bit of finger slicing), I ended up with this.

It's not pretty, but hopefully will help to keep dice from scattering all over the place.  I'll trial it next time I play, and if it performs well, I'll see if I can pretty it up a bit.  The coloured balls are the heads of the drawing pins I used to hold the bits together as the glue sets.  I'll see if the tower holds together after I remove the pins.

Update:  I have had a chance to playtest this tower, and have identified a few deficiencies.

1. Dice can bounce out of the tray.  
Proposed solution:  make the walls of the tray deeper.
2.  Black tower can be misplaced when set on a black table, or next to black figure boxes.
Proposed Solution:  Paint it neon green!  
3.  Capacity:  when rolling 20 or more dice, not all dice will lie flat in the tray.  Some dice will be cocked or will be on top of other dice.
Proposed solution A:  roll fewer dice at a go.  Pshaw!  Phoo, I say!  That is nonsense.  I require a bigger, better solution, not pandering to those urge restraint!
Proposed Solution B:  Bigger!  Better!  Mahwr Powr!  Let the world quiver in fear of the superior dice tower that will emerge from my workshop!  Mwahahaha!