Saturday, 3 July 2021

RCASC Bedford QLD Section

From Die Waffenkamer, here is a section of three Bedford QLD 3-ton lorries.  I've assigned these to the 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade Company, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps.  The RCASC had the responsibility of providing transport to the army and for moving supplies from the beachead in Pachino to the troops as they fought their way across Sicily.

The drivers that come with these vehicles come with full beards.  I know some soldiers in the WWII Canadian Army wore beards, but they were not very common, so I took a utility knife to two the of drivers and roughly shaved them.  These two now sport magnificent, 1970s style porn star 'staches!

Vehicle markings include the diagonal green/red of the RCASC, which is the mirror image of the British Army's RASC, according to  I hand painted the 1st Canadian Infantry Division markings:  the yellowish blob is intended to be a maple leaf:

But I found decals for the RAF-style air recognition rondels.  Looking at the lorries now, I realise that I forgot to add the bridge classification signs.  These vehicles should each have a yellow disk with a black '7' on the front right. 

I also added a second 2" mortar team for my infantry platoon.  I've enjoyed annoying my Chain of Command opponents with loads of smoke, so I hope it will be handy to add a second team to smoke my foes.  I also painted up a couple of Perry tank crewmen.

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