Saturday, 31 August 2019

PSC Russian Anti-tank Guns

For my WWII Russian army, I did a bit of research on my options for 28mm figures.  The best deal which combines low price with nice-looking sculpts has turned out to be from the Plastic Soldier Company, aka PSC.  PSC primarily produces their product in 15mm (or 1:100) and 20mm (roughly 1/72), but they have released three sets of Red Army soldiers in 28mm, including this 45mm anti-tank gun.  The kit allows two guns to be built, each with a crew of 4.  The guns can be the  45 mm M1937 AT gun, the 45 mm M1942 AT gun, or the 76 mm M1943 infantry gun.  As my goal is to build an army for Operation Barbarossa and the Battle of Moscow, which happened in 1941, I've elected to build the M1937.

The guns are easy to assemble, and they and their crews paint up easily.  The kit includes some nice extra swag, like ammunition boxes, spent shell casings and a few small arms (rifle and PPSh submachine gun).

Now that I've taken the photos, I see that I should have taken more care when building the models to ensure the barrel was laying horizontally.  As it is, it looks like they might be aiming up in the air.  Maybe they are getting ready to take on Hitler's flying tanks? (what would that be, fliegenpanzerkampfwagen?)  I can't fix them now - if I tried, I'd break the guns and would never get them right, but this minor error shouldn't be a problem with the guys I game with.  That is, unless they actually read this blog!

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