Saturday, 31 August 2019

Bad Squiddo Russian Sniper team

Bad Squiddo is a small company from the UK run by Annie, who is driven to provide "believable female miniatures" for gamers to use in their armies.  Some months ago, I placed an order with Annie, and I am finally getting some of the figures ready for the table.

The Red Army was definitely dominated by men, however there were many Russian women who put on uniforms and fought alongside their male comrades.  I've already done a post on Mariya Oktyabrskaya and her tank, War Bride.  Many more women in the Red Army served as snipers, and that's who are being portrayed here.

I've tried to represent the Russian "amoeba" pattern camouflage.  Of all the camo patterns out there, amoeba must be the easiest, as it's just a few brown blobs on a tan or khaki base.  Here they are, sniper, spotter and scout (with map).

I'm right pleased with these Bad Squiddo miniatures and recommend them to anyone looking to add some gender diversity to their armies!

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