Saturday, 29 February 2020

Kate the Great

Here is a tiny break from WWII in Sicily.  This figure is from Bad Squiddo, and represents Empress Ekatarina Alekseyevna, better known as Catherine the Great of Russia.  I don't really have a role for her in my collection, but I suppose she could join the staff on Peter the Great's army.  Even though she wasn't crowned Empress until nearly 40 years after Peter's death!  

The figure appears to be based on this painting by Vigilius Eriksen, showing the Empress in the uniform of the Preobrazhensky Guards.  

I skimped a bit on the details.  I really don't like painting grey horses, so went with a chesnut instead, and of course I couldn't be arsed to replicate all the fancy embroidery on the saddlecloth and holster covers.  (Don't quote me on this, but I think the name for the holster cover is "flounce").

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