Saturday, 15 February 2020

Um Bum Part 3 - Going Medieval

My Um Bum  collection also includes a few items from the 'Medieval Town' range.  Not quite sure why I chose to buy TWO bridges, and only ONE 'normal' building, but there you have it.

First up is the 'Trade Bridge'. Nice and wide, with a small dock and a little boat to go with it!

 Some Pulp Figures added to the photos to demonstrate scale!

The roofs on the buildings flip up to allow easy access to the inside (not like the HO buildings reviewed in my previous posts!).

The other bridge is a foot bridge, just barely wide enough for a single figure, in this case Monsieur Parasol.  

And the footpath to the side is far too narrow for any figure with a base!  

Building opens to reveal the interior.

The last building model is the 'Town Hall'. What makes it a town hall, rather than any other type of building?  Beats me!  But fits nicely with my 28mm figures.

And, like the others in the Medieval series, easily opens to allow figures to be placed inside.

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