Saturday, 29 February 2020

Panzer IV Ausf G

And the forces continue to grow for Operation Husky!  Here is the Rubicon Models Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf G.  Ausf. is an abbreviation for the German word 'ausführung' which more or less refers to the version of the tank.  The Panzer IV was produced from 1936 right through the end of the war in 1945, but was upgraded multiple times.

The Ausf G was notable for the long 75 mm KwK 40 gun.  I've painted it in an approximation of dunkelgelb to represent the tanks of either the Hermann Goering Division or the 15th Panzergrenadier Division.  Mostly I felt that I needed to provide the fallshirmjager some armour support, and there are multiple references in the histories I've read of 1st Canadian Division facing what are referred to as Mark III and Mark IV tanks.

I tried to dust up the decals a bit, but they still look quite 'decal-ly'

Tank commander can be removed to represent the tank buttoning up.

Here are some comparisons with the Warlord Games/Italeri Panzer IV that I built previously.  It's painted white and represents the Ausf F1 as deployed in the Russian winter of 1941-42.

Both models are very close in size - without pulling out calipers, I would not be able to determine any size difference between them.  

After poring over all the photos of Panzer IV in Italy and Sicily that I could find, I decided that this tank should get schurzen on the turret, but not on the sides of the tank.  I splashed some paint on the side schurzen anyway, though.  It's possible to snap these on to the side of the tank, so if there is some compelling reason, I could add them for a scenario.  

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