Sunday, 2 February 2020


Here's the latest addition to my Red Army for Operation Barbarossa.  The T-26 was arguably the most effective tank in the Spanish Civil War, but by summer of 1941, it had been superceded by more recent designs with more powerful guns and heavier armour.  However, it still can be quite useful - especially when my side has a tank (even if an older model) and my opponent does not!  And the Red Army certainly had plenty of them in 1941 - over 10,000 of them at the start of Operation Barbarossa.  

This particular is from Rubicon Models.  It's a pretty amazing kit, as it contains enough stuff in it to build any of 10 different variants, ranging from the original models used in the SCW, through flamethrower and command variants, to versions with two turrets.  As my focus is on Operation Barbarossa, I chose the M39 version with a 45 mm gun in the turret.  

The commander is removable, to show whether the tank is 'buttoned' or 'unbuttoned'.  I didn't allow for the hatch itself to be closed, so it will be assumed closed as long as the TC is not present!  TC is from Die Waffenkammer.  

In What A Tanker games, we've learnt not to underestimate these older, smaller tanks.  Even though they aren't packing the heaviest guns or armour, they still have enough power to take out (or at least hurt) the other tanks on the table.  It can be a nasty surprise for one's opponent, after focusing all his attention on the T-34 or the KV-1, to be knocked out by the little T-26!

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