Sunday, 26 July 2020

Dangerous Dames 6

Another 5 of Pulp Figures' Dangerous Dames (and a cat)!  

First up, a couple of Rugged Adventuresses.  A pilot:

I tried for an RAF/RCAF blue rather than khaki or olive green.  She gets to keep her faded leather jacket, though.

Her friend is carrying a stripped down Lewis gun, possibly salvaged from a wrecked 'plane.

Next is a archaeologist, studying a strange, tentacled statuette.  She's ready for all sorts of weather, with her warm tweed suit, strong boots, a brolly, woolly scarf and sunnies.

Not sure what this lady's job might be, maybe a stage magician?  I went with a single stripe on her trousers, rather than attempting pin stripes.

I added a backpack and canteen to this adventurer, from the bonus packs from the DD Kickstarter.

And to round out the group, a pretty tuxedo cat!

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