Saturday, 17 April 2021

BSC2021 - Getting Started

 Today is a lovely, warm and sunny spring day, so I was able to set up the tables on the patio and get started on building the hills.  😃

Over the past couple of days, I managed to get some paint on the Bailey Bridge, allowing it to take pride of place to test fit the hills to ensure that I build a gap that it will fit.  Even though it's just green and brown, it was a real nuisance to paint.  Getting paint inside the tiny bits was no fun at all:  when (or if) I build its sister, I'll paint first and assemble after!

Following the plan I'd prepared, I set out the insulation board and got to work.  (and reminded myself to take photos to document the build process 😉)

I checked my assumption that 2" was enough height for the bridge over the gorge.

Looks OK to me!

I started cutting:

Following the advice from Pat Smith's "Setting the Scene", I was careful to just use points of glue - he points out that if the entire surface is covered in glue (especially with white glue), it will not create a bond.

Moving on, I traced the desired cut lines on the next hill as the glue was setting for the first.

It was about now that I realised the white glue was not creating a bond between the insultation board and the plywood base.  So I decided to try an alternative: double sided carpet tape!  

Carpet tape turned out to be just great.  I probably overdid it, but the only way those boards will shift is by tearing them apart.

To mask where two boards come together, I decided to put a mini-gorge.  Not the best photo, but the gorge can be seen in the shadow.  Hopefully it will be a bit clearer as the build progresses.

I got into the swing of things, and didn't photograph everything.  This is how the boards looked at the end of the day.

My original plan was to go for a 4" maximum height with the boards, but I now think that 3 layers (3") will be enough.  Compare the current progress with the photo of the valley.

I keep reminding myself that this is a representation for gaming on, not an exact scale model.  If I need additional height on the side slopes, I might add some removable hills to fit the corners.  Any comments greatly appreciated!


  1. Very nice job on this bridge William!

    1. Thanks, Phil, lots more to go before this project is done!